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Welcome to my portfolio of design thingamajigs I’m most proud of…

UX Projects

Discover → Define → Develop → Deliver


Mix of UI, UX, motion

🚀 Shipped May 2017

QVC iOS homepage redesign

The new QVC homepage, for iPhone and iPad, introduces an all-new modular design system to the apps. Users can now easily see whats on air when the app launches, and interact with the content like never before.

🚀 Shipped July 2018 – Click to enlarge

REI Adventures homepage

Align REI Adventures homepage with REI’s new design system, emphasize trip photography, create new deep-linking search modules, and incorporate dynamic UGC

🚀 Shipped May 2015 – Click to enlarge

QVC Apple Watch app

Deliver a first-to-market shopping experience for the first Apple Watch, which allows customers to browse products on air, open details directly in iPhone/iPad app, and receive notifications

🕵️‍♂️ Case study

DVR remote iOS App

A full-flow case study that re-imagines the way you interact with your favorite TV shows and movies


🚀 Shipped June 2017 – Click to enlarge

Wedding design #1

🚀 Shipped November 2016 – Click to enlarge

Wedding design #2

Art & Photo

Download hi-res photos at Unsplash