November 2016

Building my first “first-person” shooter

An extension to Unity’s Survival Shooter tutorial

Unity FPS Design


This was Unity Project #2 in my “HCI 580: Virtual Environments, Worlds, and Applications” graduate course. In project #1, Roll-a-ball with major upgrades, we were introduced to the basics of Unity – prefabs, controls, UI elements, camera functions, blah blah. Now it was time to test the logical side of our brains.. could we combine this knowledge to mold experiences in ways still unknown to us.


Enter project #2, the first-person shooter. Our first step was to complete the Survival Shooter tutorial on Unity’s website. After completion, we were told to make the following changes:


  1. Convert the game to first person view
  2. Add the ability for the user to jump on objects in scene
  3. Create 3 new enemy spawn points, and have enemies spawn randomly from each
  4. Import 2 new assets to the scene


After many late nights tinkering with camera scripts, spawn points, and y-axis positioning, I was able to achieve all of these steps.


Check out the demo below!