June 2017

Wedding design #1

Print design for my own wedding

Wedding design #1 - Invites


On June 17th, 2017, I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life.. her first name is Emma, my last name is Stone, so yeah she’s practically famous now! Emma and I decided early on that we wanted to do as much of the planning and prep work ourselves as possible. Let’s just say, it was the perfect pre-marital counseling exercise ever!


One of the largest items on our to-do list was the print work. Although I specialize in designing digital experiences, I figured it would be fun to pull the ole “print designer” cap out from the depths of dusty college storage bins and give it a wear. Make a few invites, RSVPs, then call it a day. Well, like every design project I do, I got a tinsy bit carried away. Emma and I kept coming up with new things to create!


Since we both classify ourselves as outdoorsy, artistic people, the design aesthetic would center around neutral elements of nature, while reserving bright pops of color for complimentary wedding pieces (such as flowers). We were very pleased with the final result, and wouldn’t change a thing!
Wedding design #1 - Invites
Wedding design #1 - Hanger and Details
Wedding design #1 - seating chart
wedding design #1 - welcome sign
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