September 2016

Wedding design #2

Wedding invitation design for a friend

Wedding Invites Design 2


In September of 2016, I was asked to design wedding invites and RSVPs for Kristin and Jake (friends of mine). I was hesitant – it had been YEARS since my last experience designing for print (my college days), let alone the fact that I had never done wedding design before. But I’m not one to shy away from a challenge.. and hey, it would be great practice for my own wedding coming up the following year. So I happily obliged.


The aesthetic was to be simple and clean, with a brown-bag style invite and inverse RSVP. I had a ton of fun with the typography, using Great Vibes as the script font to counterbalance the formal Crimson Text serif font.


Now, when I accept challenges like these, I usually tend to get in over my head. It always happens (my wife Emma can testify to this). For this project, not only did I design the invites and RSVPs, but I also volunteered to do all the printing AND cutting (by hand) of 100 invite combos. Boy do I dislike x-acto knives now.


Alas, they turned out absolutely perfect, and Jake and Kristin loved them. So it was worth every bit!
wedding design #2